J.Lo Is Playing Santa!


Jennifer Lopez is in the giving spirit this holiday season and she is hoping that instead of gifts that people will make donations to one of her favorite charities. With that I introduce to you “J. Lo’s Christmas Gift”.

Lopez was quoted as saying, “It’s just that kind of doing something nice for somebody, and they do something nice back and kind of paying it forward.”

And so comes into play, social media.

If you are on Twitter, Jennifer is using the hashtag #JLOSCHRISTMASGIFT to reach her 13 million followers and to get her fans to donate at least one dollar. If they all did just that, she would be able to raise a big amount of money to help out several organizations.

Lopez added, “I thought, ‘What if every person I tweeted and asked for a follow donated a dollar?’ I have [13 million] followers [on Twitter]. We can collect a lot of money for these charities that I work with that are literally close to my heart.”

Charities J.Lo is looking to support include the Boys & Girls Club, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Red Cross.

that Lopez is asking her fans to make donations to any one of her favorite charities, specifically Boys & Girls Club, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and the American Red Cross…specifically to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. “Just knowing how so many people were affected by it and when you really hear the stats of it … there’s not enough you can do,” Lopez said.

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