Fergie Gave Josh Duhamel A Day At The Soup Kitchen


Instead of a Louis Vuitton luggage set or signed rare football jersey, actor Josh Duhamel got a Christmas gift from his wife Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie that he will never forget. Via his Facebook page, Duhamel shared.

“I didn’t know anything about Food On Foot until my wife surprised me with my Christmas present this year: to pass out food for the homeless. When I told her last week that I didn’t want a gift and to just donate something to charity, she not only did that, but took me with her to do it. I’ve always wanted to go to volunteer at a soup kitchen or a food drive for the holidays, but being my lazy self I never did it. I was home watching football and she said, “hop in the car you’re coming with me,” he wrote.

“Needless to say, I was reluctant. The Vikings were playing. But, I got in the car and was surprised to find out where she was taking me. It was an eye opening sight to see so many homeless people lined up waiting since 5am to get their El Pollo Loco chicken, water, potato chips, bus token and a sleeping bag. Not much, but it’s a lot when you have nothing. It makes you really appreciate your blessings. I can’t describe the feeling of giving on Christmas. If you haven’t done it you should. Too much emphasis is put on what to buy for whom or what am I going to get this year. There are way too many people who just hope to eat something. But what I saw today wasn’t just about giving handouts, it was about empowering the homeless. Teaching them how to get back on their feet and becoming productive and proud citizens again. What Jay Goldinger has built is incredible and I hope more people learn about what he’s doing.

Thanks babe, Food on Foot was the best Christmas gift ever…”

Now THAT is the TRUE spirit of Christmas. What a great gift! For more information on Food on Foot and how you can help, check out their website here.


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