John Mayer Surprises Displaced Students Hit By Hurricane Sandy With Goodies

Yesterday, PAVE welcomed 250 enthusiastic scholars to their new (but temporary) home after Hurricane Sandy took over their learning quarters! But smiles were abundant as the education team greeted each student and showed them to their cozy, creative classrooms. Instruction resumed at 7:50am and, even after an 11-day hiatus, it was as if they never skipped a beat. The accelerated re-opening was made possible by the tremendous dedication of our entire team, a group of all-star volunteers, and the support of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and other government agencies.

And get this, John Mayer made their return just a little bit brighter.

This afternoon the kids of PAVE Academy Charter School in Red Hook were given care-packages for the weekend. Included in the bags were John Mayer hoodies and blankets. The kids were so excited to have these necessary items for the weekend. Thanks for donating what you could and if you would still like to do more, please visit to pledge money to the school.

Good on him! See guys, John Mayer has a heart of gold!

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