Jack Johnson Wants Everyone to Have Clean Water

Artist and songwriter Jack Johnson has recorded a new video for Waterkeeper Alliance sharing his clean water story in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. The video was recorded while Jack Johnson was participating in the Farm Aid 2012 concert for family farmers in Hershey, Pennsylvania in September. In the video, Mr. Johnson shares his personal experiences growing up in Hawaii and his emotional and physical links between the water and his family.

“Some of the earliest memories I have are these abstract things of being on the front of my dads surfboard – and one time pulling into a little bit of a tube. Water has been part of my life since the beginning. Its everything on the spectrum from a place my family goes to enjoy themselves, I take the kids there everyday, we go down and play in the water – its sort of meeting place for the families in our community. And that way, it kind of becomes the closest thing we have to a church – its a spiritual thing,” said Jack Johnson. “The Waterkeeper Alliance is an amazing organization because you can get involved on your local level and you realize your making a change for good around the whole nation. All rives flow to the oceans.”

“Forty years ago, Congress enacted the Clean Water Act in response to a growing environmental crisis. One of the Act’s goals was to ‘restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity’ of our nation’s waterways,” said Marc Yaggi, executive director for Waterkeeper Alliance. “Since the 1970s, when most environmental laws were created, private citizens have played a vital role in enforcing these mandates. The Clean Water Act’s success is largely because it empowers ordinary citizens to participate in the implementation and enforcement of the program, giving us all a chance for cleaner water.”

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