Chris Brown Gives Back, Set To Launch Symphonic Love Foundation

Chris Brown is getting ready to launch his Symphonic Love Foundation on November 5th! Sure he has had a rough go of it since his incident with Rihanna a few years back but he is changing his ways for the better.

After three years of working on this foundation behind the scenes, on Monday November 5th, Brown will be launching his foundation that has been created to support young people and the creation of arts programs in low income areas.

A source close to Chris said, “Chris wanted to focus on supporting arts programs because art has been such an integral part of his life. It’s been a way for him to express who he is ever since he was a young child. He’s been quietly painting for years and sees it as a positive outlet for low income children.”

Brown’s website for the foundation also launches Monday, and there will be information and tools there to inspire young people to be more creative and share their artwork with the world, explains the source. AND, Brown feels strongly about supporting programs which educate teens about dating violence! We all know that Chris knows all about that! The source adds, “Chris has been extremely generous with both his finances and time with his foundation. He really wanted to find an effective way to help children and teens. And honestly, I have to say Chris is one of the most caring and genuine people I’ve ever worked with on a philanthropic cause. This will be one of the most active foundations established by anyone in his generation. He will be actively engaging with young people and his fans with it.”

I love that Chris Brown is back on track, doing his thing musically and giving back. Go on boy!

For more information on Symphonic Love Foundation, go here.

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