FASHION FORWARD: Efva Attling And Yoko Ono Raise Funds With “Imagine Peace” Jewelry Collection

Swedish jewelry designer Efva Attling has collaborated with Yoko Ono to benefit Doctors Without Borders, a cause that Yoko Ono has been a strong supporter of throughout the years.

To raise more funds for Doctors Without Borders, 30% of all proceeds from Attling’s silver collection ”Imagine” will be donated to the cause. The jewelry will be available in Efva Attling concept stores, at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and online at

A special ”Imagine” necklace in white gold and diamonds was designed for this cause. It will be auctioned off at a silent auction that will take place in Efva Attling stores and on An entry fee of $10 will be charged for all auction entries and all proceeds will go to the cause. The auction will run from October 15th to December 10th, 2012 the day of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Doctors Without Borders provides medical care to victims of armed conflict, bring relief in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters, and fight deadly epidemics in nearly 70 countries around the world.

No matter what people may say about Yoko Ono and her clinging onto John Lennon’s name, girlfriend is DOING GOOD by his name and his Imagine concept. LOVE that! And the jewelry is amazingly gorgeous!

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